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Real Desktop Light is an application able to turn the user PC desktop in something similar to a real one (physical).
This program asks the user if (s)he wants the current desktop icons sorted or unsorted, the very first time the application is started. Once it is running, the application shows 3D icons (same as existing ones) sitting on a virtual table (virtual desktop) also presented in 3D.

To run any of the programs that are related to the icons (links), it operates just like the regular Windows desktop: double click on one of them and the related program starts up.

Now the icons are something 'physical', they can be rotated (mouse cursor on the icon corners), moved (mouse cursor on the middle area of the icon) and even 'lifted' by locating the mouse cursor on the middle area of the icon and then keep both mouse buttons pressed. When moving an icon, in this way it will 'kick' the other icons in its way and will push them away, unless the user uses the 'lift' function to jump over the other icons. Icons act now like real objects. Same way, the 'Recycle bin' can also be moved (and it also will push the icons in its way).

The icons and other object are treated here like 3D and shadowed true objects. Desktop reflects their forms, etc.

This new desktop arrangement doesn't interfere with the normal system work or performance.

In addition, the application has multilingual support for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Swedish, Hungarian and Portuguese.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very nice effects and a new way to manage the PC desktop


  • When you are through with it, it is necessary to reboot the system
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